A trip to  Dilijan National Park

A trip to Dilijan National Park

Gradually more and more people want to spend their time in nature. Each of them have their own way of expressing their love to forests, fresh air, calmness and hiking. Some of them take tours, others take private guides, but there is other, more cheap and interesting option - just save our guide and start exploring the Dilijan National Park by yourself. 





Route length from Yerevan- 240 km, hiking from Parz lake to Gosh lake - 11 km , hiking from Parz lake to Goshavank- 7 km


Hiking level - Moderate


Best time to visit - From March to November


Warning - Be aware of mosquitos and wild animals


Advice- If possible, use bear spray


Are you ready to have a wonderfull day in forests? Take your good mood and let's explore and discover really dreamlike sights in Dilijan. Start your journey from Yerevan at 8 o'clock and in case of camping mood take a camp with you. We will show you a wanderful place for camping :) 

Your first stop is the Tsovagyugh food court, where you can take with you some food and continue your way. If you are a fun of paragliding, there is a Paragliding Club . Then you will see a relly amazing appearance. Before Dilijan there is a tunnel, after passing this tunnel the weather will change, colors will change, your mood will change. It's like a portal to other world, don't forget to capture that moment and start preparing to see more amazing things there. Your first destination is the Parz lake.




The lake Parz is a small lake , formed by natural climatic changes. "Parz" in Armenian means clear. The water is a transparent green color, and the trees on the opposite shore seem to float on its surface when looking across from the shore. There is a restaurant with bar, paddle boats, ropes course and zip lines. After having rest here you can start hiking to Gosh lake. This hike is perfect for those who are looking to get away, but not for too long. This beautiful trail goes through a forest. There are red markings on the route. You can see khachqars (cross – stones) on your way and after passing over several little rivers in spring and summer you will reach a meadow full of colorfull flowers with an amasing view of mountains and a village. Then continue your way to your second destination - the lake Gosh.


2 Gosh lake


Here is the promised beautiful camping spot. The length of the lake is 100 m, width – 80 m. Approximate depth is 8 m. In summer water temperature reaches up to 14 C. There are lots of different hand-made monuments in the territory of the lake: various rock formations, mineral springs and so on. There is other option to reach the Gosh lake. You can visit this place from Gosh village by an SUV car if you have one or just rent.

After seeing this lake and even staying here for a night you can visit Goshavank.




3 Goshavank


The Monastic Complex Goshavank is located in Gosh village. The complex was founded by Ivane and Zakare Zakaryans with the direct assistance of Vakhtang and Grigor, their vassals-rulers of Khachen, by the initiative of Mkhitar Gosh, a great medieval Armenian thinker. (12,13 cc). The monastic complex was built in the place of the ruined Getik, that is why first the monastery was called «New Getik». Years later it was renamed after Mkhitar Gosh (Goshavank). The population there is very hospitable, so don't lose your oportunity to visit them and drink a cup of herbal tea. Already full of amazing memories? This is not the end of your journey. Dilijan is waiting for you :) On the way to Dilijan you can visit the Haghartsin monastery and Teghut Mine as well.




Dilijan is a spa town and urban municipal community in the Tavush Province. Usually called Armenian Switzerland or Little Switzerland by the locals, it is one of the most important resorts of Armenia, situated within the Dilijan National Park. The forested and reclusive town is home to numerous Armenian artists, composers, and filmmakers and features some traditional Armenian architecture. The Sharambeyan street in the centre, has been preserved and maintained as an "old town", complete with craftsman's workshops, a gallery and a museum. Hiking, mountain biking, and picnicking are popular recreational activities. If you want to spend more time here, you can stay in Tufenkian hotel or in one of many guesthouses which you can find in booking.com. Also spend time in the city park where you will find the Verev rope park. There are also many atmospheric restaurants, such as Kchuch, Flying ostrich and Papanino.