How to travel alone. Tips for traveling alone

How to travel alone. Tips for traveling alone

Are you traveling on business or just need some time for only yourself?  

If you love traveling, but don't have a companion, don't be afraid, just pack your luggage and go travel alone! Why? Because you will become much more stronger, you will learn to make decisions, you will discover a source of creativity in yourself and will learn a lot about yourself.

If it's your first time - just follow our tips and advice.


Don't be afraid to be alone with yourself

Amazing things happen on such journeys. You will learn to follow your desires, stop looking at others and focus on what is important to you. You will understand in what you are interested, because you don't have to go to the museum just because a friend wants. You will find out who you are really close to, who you miss and who you want to return to. You will get used to managing finances wisely and taking responsibility for your life.


Plan your trip


Create your own to-do-list and fill in all the desires that you would like to fulfill on the trip.  For example, catch the sunrise on the beach, meditate on the coast, taste the most delicious ice cream in town, or get around all the most interesting sights. Such a list will help you organize your time correctly and will remind you of all travel points.


Plan your overnight stay in advance

Before booking a place to stay, do a little research and only stay at a hotel  with multiple postive reviews. Find places where you will not overpay for staying in a room for two ot three person. Hostel is the best option if you like meeting new people and don't mind using the same room and shower.


Be spontaneous

It's interesting to do what you want, to be where you want ! If you liked the city - stay longer. Fortunately, you do not need to ask anyone, everything is in your hands, and modern technology allows you to delay plans in a matter of minutes. But don't forget to inform your friends and family about the change of the route.

If something went wrong, do not waste time on regreting. There must be an element of surprise in the journey, otherwise it will no longer be an adventure. And leaving the comfort zone and always meeting expectations can be very useful.


Be in touch


Find out if you can use Internet while traveling, how the hotel and local restaurants are doing with Wi-Fi. It is worth buying a local SIM card or connecting a special favorable roaming tariff.


Travel light

Traveling with a huge suitcase is a bad idea. Firstly, there is a great chance to forget the most important bag and be left without money and documents. Secondly, large luggage is inconvenient!

Take the minimum of things, only the essentials. The only thing that should not be neglected is the first aid kit: collect it especially carefully, because there will be no one to send for the medicine.


Take care of the safety of things


Order protective nets for a backpack, dense safes, strong cables. All this can be attached to any support, post or bench and secured with a reliable lock. The criminals will most likely they prefer simpler prey.

Another way of protection is a mini-alarm. One end of a small keyring is attached to the bag, the other to its clasp. If someone tries to open it, a sharp, deafening signal will be heard. It will most likely scare off thieves who choose not to draw attention to themselves.

Don't keep all your money and plastic cards together in one bag. Let some of the money and one of the bank cards be in your wallet, bury a few large bills in your underwear or hide somewhere further behind the lining of your suitcase (unless you are going to check it in your luggage). Put another part and a spare credit card in the most secluded place - in a secret pocket, which is attached under the armpit or on the leg, in a secret compartment on the belt or in the sole of the shoe.